My internship at Orbit Communications


Abbie cropped
Abbie Anderson discusses what she learned during her internship at Orbit

Last week (10th – 14th April), Abbie Anderson, a second year English Literature student at the University of York, embarked on a week long internship with Orbit Communications. On her last day, we asked her to write a short blog about her time with us. 

My internship at Orbit Communications has been an amazing experience and I am really grateful for this opportunity. The whole team welcomed me with a smile that quickly eased my nerves. My time at Orbit has been incredibly informative, fun and I can genuinely say it has inspired me to pursue a career in Public Relations (PR) and Public Affairs!

Throughout my short time here, I worked closely with both Sarah and Graeme, whom I would like to thank for taking time out of their busy schedules to converse with me and provided the support and guidance I needed.

During the week, I was given numerous opportunities to experience the different aspects of the company. I was mainly hoping to come away with greater knowledge about PR and Media Relations. Through various tasks, I soon realised my skill set was very much at home in this job. I really enjoy working in a creative environment and being able to write various articles made each day enjoyable.

Following an insightful presentation given by Graeme, I was tasked with writing some press releases and articles. Through my English Literature degree, I have had a lot of experience with writing, but this definitely challenged me. I worked on quite diverse projects relating to Hanover Scotland, the Scottish Association of Landlords and the Scottish Children’s Services Coalition. Each article varied in length and required additional research. I was very grateful to Sarah and Graeme, and all the other staff, who could provide a guiding hand. I loved writing each article and hopefully one might even make it into a newspaper!

On my second day I was invited to attend a meeting with Sarah and Graeme at Hanover Scotland. Through observation, I learnt how important it is to establish a good relationship with your client and how many aspects of a company directly affect PR. I would also like to thank John from BOLD marketing, who took time to explain the purpose of the meeting, and the preparation that had gone into it.

Later in the week, Jordan tasked me with issuing a press release to The Orcadian, a newspaper based in Orkney. After emailing the article to the newsroom, I was asked to ring to ensure they had received it and provide any additional information they may have required. Through this experience, I saw how often Orbit works with newspapers and journalists, in order to gain as much coverage as possible for their clients. I have always enjoyed working with the media, so this is something I look forward to in the future.

The skills and knowledge I have gained whilst being here have given me confidence I did not previously have. Not only do I feel my writing has improved but this week has changed the career that I hope to pursue! I genuinely can’t thank Orbit, especially Sarah and Graeme, enough for this opportunity.


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