Flim Flam 2: Another Fine Mess

Orbit is pleased to announce the launch of FLIM FLAM 2. Another Fine Mess, the second in our regular series of art and design exhibitions. Artist and Orbit creative director, John Ayscough, and illustrator, Marco Bevilacqua of Want Some Studio and organiser of Pissed Modernism, have assembled the work of 20 artists from across the UK and further afield, all motivated and inspired by political themes and contemporary campaigns for equality and social justice.

Sloganistic, poetic, funny or simply direct, the contribution of each artist, be they mid career or just starting out, offers a considered impression of contemporary British society. Featuring a multitude of mediums encompassing painting, sculpture, photography, graphic art, film, installation, performance and public art, this exhibition will focus our attention on the concerns and preoccupations of today’s Britain, set against the backdrop of political division, social inequality and Brexit.

Join us for a glass of wine at Orbit’s offices at 4 Queen Street as we launch our second exhibition Another Fine Mess from 6pm on Friday 3rd August. As on of Scotland’s leading creative PR, public affairs and design agencies, we have a genuine passion for excellent art and design. Whether it is undertaking media relations or delivering a new brand, we bring the same creativity to everything we do.


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