Top five reasons to rebrand your business

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Today’s brand is a complex thing. Decades ago it was defined as a name, slogan, sign or symbol, or a combination of these elements used to distinguish one product or service from another.

In today’s market, a brand can often get confused with a logo, but this is only part of a brand.

When you think about your brand, you really want to think about your entire customer experience… everything from your logo, your website, your social media experiences, the way you answer the phone, to the way your customers experience your staff. It is the sum of all touch points that come into contact with current or potential customers.

In short, your brand is the way your customer perceives you.

It is therefore really important to make sure that your brand is relevant. With trends constantly evolving, it’s important that your brand stands out in your competitive marketplace and communicates who you are as a business.

Sooner or later there will come a time when you’re brand needs a bit of attention. This can seem a daunting task but it can be a rewarding process that delivers significant commercial benefits.

Recognising when the time is right to rebrand your business or product may seem difficult, but in the life of a business various moments arise that lend themselves very well to a change, or even necessitate one.

Here are five reasons why now would be a good time to look at your brand.

1. To reinvigorate your image

Rebranding is a conscious decision to improve your reputation and image. Dated branding does nothing to instil confidence in your business and it is widely recognisable that a well branded product adds value. Apple is a prime example of this, where people buy into the brand.

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2. A merger or take-over of a company or organisation

This could mean a new name, a new logo, and a re-evaluation of all brand materials. This is where the benefits of using a full-service design agency are important – they can help you manage the whole project.

3. Change in Leadership

A new CEO will often want to breathe new life into an organisation. Successful leaders will have a clear direction in which they wish to take the company and will want to reflect this in its branding.

4. Repositioning

Rebranding can attract new audiences or become more appealing to their target market. Re-positioning a brand can help it differentiate and stand out in the market place and reflect your business as it changes. British Steel is a good example of re-positioning an iconic brand.

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5. Lack of Brand Clarity

A brand that has grown quickly or organically may not have taken the time to stop and consider its branding. Messaging can be inconsistent, messy and confusing to the consumer so visiting the brand and getting a strategy in place is essential

Heather Cumming, Senior Designer



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