Take steps to make this Monday a little less Blue


Today as many will be aware is ‘Blue Monday’, reported to be the most depressing day of the year.

Falling on the third Monday of January, the term was first coined in 2005 and has since been used to denote the sense of fatigue that lingers at the start of the year. The concept is said to have taken-root in the national psyche thanks to a travel company press release aimed at inspiring people to purchase a holiday in order to stave off the so-called January blues.

It is based on a hypothetical formula that combines a range of factors — including weather conditions, debt levels and failing resolutions like broken diet plans — since the start of the new year.

Post the festive rush and excitement of Christmas, and as employees shuffle back to the daily grind in gloomy weather and credit card bills loom, reality often comes crashing down around us. Such an intense change in a short period of time from December to January has the propensity to impact a person’s psychological state, knocking them into depression.

Putting aside that there is no real scientific evidence to back today as being ‘Blue Monday’, use it to start a process to lift your mood and turn any day into a great day.

Some top tips you may want to use include:

Get moving — lots of people struggle to get exercise into their day however exercise is proven to release endorphins which naturally make your feel happier. It doesn’t have to be lots of exercise, but simply getting outside for a 20 minute walk today at lunchtime.

Plan to do something your enjoy today — perhaps tonight plan to watch a favourite film, spend some time on a hobby you enjoy or spend time with friends and family.

Have a word with yourself! — focus on all the things you are grateful for and want more of in your life, not the negative. As you go about your day, stop and notice 5 things you are grateful for. As soon as you start to focus on being grateful you’ll find your mood improves and the more you look for, the more you find.

Look after you! — eat foods you know help you feel energised, have a lovely bath to relax, get an early night to re-charge or perhaps plan something nice for later in the year, something you can look forward to.

Above all, have a great day!



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